The Skills Status Report allows teachers to visually see the status of their entire class in every reading skill. You read that correctly: your entire class and all the skills (not just their grade level skills). Skills are mapped across the report and each student has a color coded box for each skill (red-yellow-green) depending on their mastery level. If a teacher toggles over the skill box, there is a description of the skill and a count of the number of times a student has encountered the skill and the number of errors they’ve made.

Essentially, this skill takes all of the data Amira gathers on a student while they read and hands it directly to their teacher. This report is generated every time a student reads with Amira- practice or assessment!

Pro Tip: You can drag and drop students into a different order. This allows teachers to see students next to their reading group or intervention team peers.

Understanding the Skills Status Report:

  1. The report is organized around Scarborough’s Reading Rope.

  2. You look at student’s through the lens of one thread of the Reading Rope at a time. In the screen shots above, Decoding is selected. So, the skills shown for the class are Decoding skills.

  3. To change the view to a different thread, you select one of the buttons on the left of the screen.

  4. The report shows the Amira Learning Progression (our scope and sequence). Skills are ordered by Skill Area.

  5. Skill Areas are ordered by their typical Age of Acquisition. Skill Areas are arranged in time, on a continuum from Kindergarten to 5th Grade. Basically, the report is showing you when a student “ought” to acquire skills during their journey to reading mastery.

  6. As you mouse over skills, information about that skill will appear in a flyover box, as shown in the 2nd screen shot.

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