Both the Dyslexia risk screener / assessment and tutoring are now available for your students in the Spanish language.

Here's how school or district administrators can set up the system for this feature.

STEP 1: Identify your students

In order to set up Amira in Spanish mode for select students, fill out this CSV spreadsheet template.

The template contains two columns:

  • Student ID or Student Number (locally assigned student identifier, also called LAISD)

  • A column designating the student for Spanish functionality - "ES"

Any student flagged with "ES" will be given the Spanish assessment as well as the option to read in Spanish (with Amira's tutoring) in Practice mode

Send the file to Once you provide the file, we will process it and get back to you with any modifications needed within 5 business days.

STEP 2: Choose your test type

Complete the Amira in Spanish Configuration Form here.

You'll provide the district contact for the Spanish rollout, as well as answer several questions regarding the type of assessment you'd like provided:

  • Spanish assessment only

  • Spanish and English assessment in one sitting

  • Spanish and English assessment in 2 sittings*

Students will be presented the Spanish assessment, then immediately thereafter, the English assessment.

Accessing Amira Spanish is precisely the same as accessing Amira in English. A student signs onto the HMH ED platform, finds the Amira launch tile and clicks on it. A student designated as “ES” will have the appropriate access to Spanish Assessment or Spanish Practice.

STEP 3: Meet with your Customer Success Manager (CSM)

Just so that you have all the information you need to roll out Amira assessment in Spanish, we recommend you schedule a time with your CSM. If you do not know who your CSM is, please Chat with us or email

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