Best practice is to listen to students' audio recordings after they assess. Why? You want to make sure that students were able to give their best effort and were set up for success as they read out loud. You always have the option of re-assessing the student, and the most recent scores will update in Amira's reports.

When to Reassess

It is best practice to reassess when you listen to students' audio recordings and hear:

  • Indications that the student was distracted or interrupted

  • Long lapses or pauses in reading (the timer will keep ticking and consequently drive down the student's score)

  • Situations where the child wasn't sure what to do (e.g. skip words they do not know, read fluently and with prosody, remove their mask so Amira can hear them, click the next button after reading the entire page, etc)

  • Parents helping in the background (you will see yellow words if this is the case)

  • Other less-than-ideal testing conditions (e.g. lots of background noise)

NOTE: If rescoring is necessary, best practice is to rescore yellow flagged words, but correcting Amira's scoring should not be necessary very often.

If you decide you would like to give students another go, then you may go to the Tracking Report, click on the student's name, and click "Assign Assessment" button at the bottom of the screen.

Listen to Student Recordings

By default, access to audio recordings for reading sessions are available to staff for reviewing. Student recordings can be accessed within the Benchmark Report, Progress Report, and Scoring Practice screen.

How to Access Student Audio Recordings from the Benchmark Report

  1. From the Teacher Portal, click Reports


  3. Click student name of choice

  4. Click play icon

    1. To rescore, click a word to change/toggle/mark the word (accuracy will adjust automatically)

      • Green (Correct)

      • Red (Incorrect)

      • Yellow (Un-scored due to soft voice, multiple voices reading simultaneously, or audio interference)

      • Gray (Not Read - usually the end of a passage)

      • Note: The last word is not clickable and will not impact the score

  5. Click SAVE. Scores in the Benchmark, Progress, and Parent Report will adjust automatically.

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