All students can read with Amira, no matter their reading level. The online nature of the program allows students to read without the stigma of comparison and the individualized support encourages success and perseverance at any level. In order for all children to be successful and find enjoyment with Amira, content is an integral part of the student experience.

In addition to providing appropriately leveled passages and research based interventions, we also recognize the value of culturally diverse, developmentally appropriate, and interesting content. The passages provided to students cover a wide array of topics and include a myriad of characters. Our content is provided by high quality partners and vetted by education experts for messaging, diversity, relevance, creativity, and enjoyment factor for children. The stories include children partaking in activities across the globe and in various settings and situations. The children in our stories are racially and socioeconomically diverse and live in various places. We believe all children should be able to see themselves reflected in the stories they read with Amira. Additionally, we have fiction and non-fiction stories with diverse central themes and topics so all students are able to find the stories interesting. At Amira, each child can be successful at reading because the stories reflect their experience, are leveled to their abilities, and support persistence as they grow.

When purchasing and creating content our priorities are: appropriately leveled + opportunities for challenge + engaging for students + relevant for diverse children. Students are offered a set of stories at the beginning of their practice session to allow for autonomy and choice in the experience. Our content incorporates a wide range of topics provided to students as non-fiction, fiction, poetry, or other content types like a letter or script. We often survey children about their experience with the stories and ask them to reflect on their enjoyment and topics they’d like to see in Amira’s stories. Many of our best content ideas came from teachers or students.

At Amira, our goal is for our stories to provide an enjoyable and appropriately challenging experience. Achieving this takes constant consideration, feedback from educators and children, and regular cycling of stories to allow for new and better content to be offered to children. Some of our most popular stories are about dogs, children, challenges faced by children, sports, talent shows, celebrities overcoming adversity, science, and new inventions.

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