At Amira, every intervention and content decision is aligned to the Science of Reading. We know many of our school partners have spent significant energy to train their teachers in utilizing SOR (Science of Reading) practices and help every student become a masterful reader.

The Reading Rope report is a visualization of SOR (Science of Reading) for each student. It weaves the six different dimensions of reading ability into scores (Comprehension and Word Recognition) for an overall mastery score.

The descriptions of the various components provide instructional information and tools for each student. It allows for another holistic view with targeted strategies for each student.

Scarborough's rope

The data on the left hand side of the report shows you a student’s Mastery Profile against the Reading Rope. You can see at a glance where a student is “strong” and where “weak”. This profile is expressed thru Percentile Rankings (PRs). Each student is compared to other students across the nation. If the student’s mastery level is higher than almost all students, their PR is 99. If a student is behind almost all students, the PR is 1. A student with an “average” level of mastery for their grade will have a PR of 50. You want to work on the areas where a student is weakest (has the lowest PR).

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