This report allows teachers to see the full profile of one student’s reading abilities. This report allows teachers to compare all of a student’s reading skills and mastery levels and consider them holistically.

Teachers can toggle over the exact skills to see a description of the skill and the number of observations and errors. This report allows MTSS teams, intervention coordinators, and possibly parents to better understand a student as a reader. It also allows a teacher to consider all of a student’s reading strengths and growth areas.

Essentially, this skill takes all of the data Amira gathers on a student while they read and hands it directly to their teacher. This report is generated every time a student reads with Amira- practice or assessment!

Understanding the Skills Status Report:

  1. The report is organized around Scarborough’s Reading Rope.

  2. You look at student mastery holistically, through the prism of time.

  3. The report shows the Amira Learning Progression (our scope and sequence). Skills are ordered by Skill Area.

  4. Skill Areas are ordered by their typical Age of Acquisition. Skill Areas are arranged in time, on a continuum from Kindergarten to 5th Grade. Basically, the report is showing you when a student “ought” to acquire skills during their journey to reading mastery.

  5. As you mouse over skills, information about that skill will appear in a flyover box, as shown in the 2nd screen shot.

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