Adjusted scores are the default Oral Reading Fluency (ORF) metric (WCPM) within Amira visualizations and score reports. Notice the toggle on the left side of the screen in the Score Configuration sidebar to change the Score Type.

By default, the scores will be adjusted for comparability to reflect the relative difficulty of the passages students read. These options can be toggled instantaneously in all reports. Once toggled, the option will “stick” across reports until manually changed again.

Reports will display two options for displaying WCPM scores:

  • Adjusted – This score type factors the complexity of the passage read into the score. As a result, WCPM scores can be compared from passage to passage "equated” WCPM. If a passage is quite difficult, the WCPM will be adjusted upwards, and if easy, downwards.

  • Unadjusted (Raw Scores) – This score type reflects the observed "raw" WCPM score. This enables a teacher to see the score they would produce if they sat next to a student and observed reading, without taking into account the difficulty or complexity of the passage read.

The TPRI passages were carefully designed to support this method of adjusting (equating) the levels. To learn more about how passages are leveled, visit the TPRI website to review the equating tables.

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