The Progress Monitoring assessment can be administered up to 20 times per year per student.

How it Works

When teachers assign an assessment via the Tracking Report while Progress Monitoring is enabled, here's what happens:

  1. Students complete the Dyslexia Screener and/or Benchmark Assessment (Fall/BOY, Winter/MOY, Spring/EOY) for the first test assigned in each new testing window*

  2. Any new assignments assigned in the Tracking Report will result in students receiving a Progress Monitoring assessment

  3. The system will continue to present each assigned student a new Progress Monitoring passage at whichever interval a teacher deems appropriate, moving students through the library of Progress Monitoring passages available.

How to Assign an Assessment

Just like the BOY/MOY/EOY Assessment, teachers manually assign Progress Monitoring assessments via the Tracking Report.

1. From the Amira Teacher Portal, click/tap Reports


3. Select the class of choice from the drop-down, if needed

4. Click/tap student name(s) or Select All

5. Click/tap Assign [ ] Assessments

After the student has completed an assessment, teachers can log into Amira to access the student's most recent assessment scores and listen to the reading recording via the Review Activity dashboard. Teachers may also navigate to the Reports dashboard to analyze class or student performance.

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