Amira begins by choosing a story on grade level and will adjust down level-by-level as needed.

If a story turns out to be a struggle for your child, let your child know do his/her best to get through the story and at least attempt some words. A child can say the sounds, name letters, or say, "I don't know." Your child can also skip ahead to read known words. If the story seems far too difficult for your child, notify your child's teacher so that your child's teacher can provide help to re-level the passages given to your child.

If you'd like to support your child, use these tips. It's important to not read for your child since this will push Amira to give your child increasingly harder stories.

As your child reads to Amira, the stories will level based on your child's interactions and saved reading sessions. Remember that it is important for your child to try to figure out words on his/her own; this struggle is what builds skills and lets Amira adjust for your child's ability.

NOTE: During an Amira Benchmark assessment, Amira will give your child the chance to try his/her best for about one minute, and then Amira will save the reading session.

NOTE: If the story seems too easy for your child, encourage your child to read the story with good accuracy and expression, and Amira should begin to level up the next selection of stories to your child's ability.

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