About Amira

  • Learning with Amira is like having a personal reading tutor inside your child's computer

  • Amira listens attentively and provides help to reinforce key reading skills

  • Amira is powered by machine learning and adapts stories to meet your child's needs as your child improves

  • At the end of each story, Amira gives a progress update of how your child is doing so you can set goals and see growth

Tips for Families Getting Started

  1. Watch this Overview Video

  2. Use our Get Your Device Ready article

  3. Enable audio: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge

  4. C‍onfigure Pop-Up Blockers

Tips to Share with Your Child

  • Amira is a reading tutor listening to your reading

  • Amira will give you tips as you read words you know, words you don’t know, or words you skip

  • Make sure to think about what you're reading because Amira may ask questions about the story at the end

  • Each story can take 3-10 minutes depending on your level

  • Amira will change the stories you can read based on how you do each day

  • You can re-read stories to improve your score

3 Steps to Get Started with Amira

STEP 1: Login to Amira via www.hmhco.com/one or by using your district's online learning platform

NOTE: Below explains how to log in via HMH:

Logging into Amira through HMH Ed

1. Log in to HMH Ed

2. Click/tap the Dashboard tab (should be the default page that shows up first)

3. Scroll down and click/tap the Amira tile in the Connected Programs section

STEP 2: Get Started

Click/Tap Let's do it

NOTE: Use the tips above to turn on the microphone or adjust volume.

STEP 3: Start Reading with Amira

Click/Tap Read a story

NOTE: Once started, there is no pause, so make sure you're ready to read the entire story.

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