There are three ways in which a student would exit out of the Early Reader Skills Scaffold.

1 - Students Complete the Early Reader Skills Scaffold Sequence

Students will automatically move out of the Early Reader Skills Scaffold sequence after completing the progression of skills. Based upon the Benchmark assessment performance, students will receive the appropriate sequence of skill development based upon their observed ability from the Benchmark assessment. Therefore, students may begin the Early Reader Skills Scaffold with a different skill. However, the progression of skills is the same.

2 - Teacher Manually Removes the Early Reader Designation

Teachers now have the ability to remove the Early Reader designation in the Tracking Report. Navigate to the Tracking Report, click on the three-horizontal dot menu next to the student's name, then select Early Reader. When a student is designated as an Early Reader, there will be a checkmark next to the student's name. By selecting the Early Reader option you'll toggle off that checkmark.

3 - Teacher Assigns Assessment

Teachers may assign students an assessment by using the Tracking Report which will move students out of the Early Reader Skills Scaffold. Once an assignment has been assigned, students will receive the assignment to complete when they next log into Amira. If the student's score after taking the assessment indicates that the student is an Early Reader, the student will receive the Early Reader Skills Scaffold sequence when next logging into Amira.

How to Assign a Benchmark Assessment

Benchmark assessments are assigned to students within the Tracking Report.

1. From the Amira Teacher Portal, click/tap Reports


3. Select the class of choice from the drop-down, if needed

4. Click/tap student name(s) or Select All

5. Click/tap Assign [ ] Assessments

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