There are now two ways a student can be designated as an Early Reader. Continue reading below for more information.

1) A student is designated as an Early Reader and receives instruction in the Early Reader Skills Scaffold after completing a Benchmark assessment with an adjusted score of 7 WCPM or less on the lowest level passage.

Most times, the Tracking Report will not indicate a WCPM adjusted score due to the limited amount of data received from the student's 'reading' performance of the lowest level passage. (Think about this way: if a child scores 7 WCPM, they probably aren’t reading much at all of the passage.)

The Score Configuration selections on the left of the Tracking Report allows for an option to see unadjusted (or raw) scores. With the unadjusted score option selected, a WCPM will appear for an Early Reader on the Tracking Report.

2) Teachers and administrators now have access to designate a student as an Early Reader through the Tracking Report. This helps students who struggle with reading from having to take an assessment at all. Simply navigate to the Tracking Report, select the three-horizontal dot menu next to the student's name, and select Early Reader. A checkmark will show next to the status when Early Reader is marked.

This will place the student at the beginning of the Early Reader Skills Scaffold. You are able to toggle off the Early Reader status following the same steps.

Please note: Each time you designate a student as Early Reader, the student will begin from the start of the Early Reader Skills Scaffold regardless of previously completed work.

If you have any questions, please contact Amira support.

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