Step 1: Make sure Progress Monitoring is completed

  1. Go to the Tracking Report

  2. Look for COMPLETED or EARLY READER under Assessment Status

  3. Go to Progress Report

  4. Check that the title is one of the progress monitoring titles below

Step 2: Listen to the student's running record

  1. Go to Review Activity

  2. Toggle to Assessment

  3. Toggle to Running Record

Click play icon

Step 3: See the Progress Monitoring data as a class

Go to the Benchmark Report to view the data as a class.

Note that the Benchmark Report shows the most recent assessment, so the report may show a mix of benchmark assessments and progress monitoring. All metrics are comparable.

Step 4: See a student’s progress over time

  1. Go to the Progress Report

  2. Click the dropdown list on the left to switch metrics (WCPM, Reading Mastery, Phonological Awareness, Vocabulary Size)

  3. Hover over the blue line to see the student's current and predicted proficiency

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