There are several ways to access the results from the Dyslexia Screener:

  • The Dyslexia Report in the teacher portal

  • The raw DRI (Dyslexia Risk Indicator) and risk status in a raw data file

  • View risk data in the Science of Reading Dashboard

Print the Dyslexia Report

Follow the steps below to download and print the Dyslexia Screener results:

  1. From the Teacher Portal, click Reports


  3. Click Customize and Control 3-dot button in the upper, right corner of the browser

  4. Select Save as PDF or printer of choice from the Destination dropdown menu (adjust any settings, as needed)

  5. When selecting Save as PDF, click Save

  6. Choose a location to save the file

  7. Click Save

  8. When selecting to print the report to a printer, click Print

Access Results in a Spreadsheet

See the article How do I see assessment results? to learn how to download the Dyslexia Risk Indicator (DRI) in a spreadsheet for each student.

View Results in the Science of Reading Dashboard

The dashboard provides a variety of views of dyslexia data from a district, school, grade, and class perspective. For more information, see the Data Dashboards at a Glance article.

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