This article provides an overview of how to access and use the Dyslexia Report to understand student risk levels. The Dyslexia Report is a module purchased as an add-on to Amira Assessment or Amira Practice. If you are missing this report, connect with your district Amira Leaders for more information or visit the Our Products - Dyslexia Screener section of our website.

The Dyslexia Report leverages the Amira Assessment tasks as a screener to calculate risk status for Dyslexia and provide a quick, sortable view by class.

Access the Dyslexia Report

  1. Click Reports in the upper right section of the screen.

  2. Select the Dyslexia Report from the Reports screen.

Use the Dyslexia Report

Use the Dyslexia Report to identify students at risk for dyslexia who need further assessment, instruction, and intervention.

  • The Dyslexia Report displays students by risk level, from highest to lowest risk

  • The risk level is defined by a Dyslexia Risk Indicator (DRI) score ranging from 0 to 100 with higher scores indicating higher risk of dyslexia

  • A score of 0 (zero) is the lowest risk score

  • The length of the score bar is 0, so there will be no green bar for a score of 0 (zero)

  • A score of -1 indicates that a student took the assessment but Amira was unable to produce a valid score based on limited or no student performance data (typically for early readers still learning letters and sounds)

  • DRI scores greater than or equal to 30 are flagged as At Risk while scores below 30 are labeled Low Risk

  • The Dyslexia Risk Indicator range legend is displayed below

Some students may have no DRI score and instead may be labeled with the status of UNDER REVIEW. This assessment status label indicates recent assessment activity that is under review and may display for up to 72 hours after an assessment has been completed.

Learn More About the Dyslexia Screener

To learn more about the tasks used to inform the Dyslexia Screener, see How do I get students ready for the Dyslexia Screener? to view the sequence of dyslexia assessment forms Amira delivers to students. Keep in mind that districts have the option to configure their assessments, so some tasks displayed may or may not be configured by your district.

Sort the Dyslexia Report

Click the Risk Level or Student heading to change the sort order.

Print the Dyslexia Report

  1. Right click or open the browser's print option.

  2. Adjust system print options as needed.

  3. Click Print.

Save the Dyslexia Report as a PDF

  1. Right click or open the browser's print option.

  2. Select PDF in the printer or destination field.

  3. Click Save.

  4. Adjust PDF options, like layout, as needed.

  5. Choose a location where you want the PDF to be saved.

  6. Click Save again.

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