Students who are known to be Early Readers, or students reading at or below a level A, will need extra modeling. Best practices includes grouping and modeling, using talking points, and reviewing considerations for kindergarten students or students reading below grade level.

  1. Grouping and modeling

    • When administering the assessment for the first time, start with 1-2 students

    • As you gain more experience administering the assessment, gradually increase this number to small groups and, then, to whole class

    • Use the 3rd grade assessment video below as a modeling tool. The video includes all components of the Dyslexia screening tasks and the Benchmark assessment (passage)

  2. Using talking points

    • "Amira will explain what to do before you begin each step."

    • "You will be using your computer or iPad and headset/microphone to read aloud a story to Amira. The story will appear on your screen."

    • "If you are unable to read a word, you may skip it, sound it out, or even say the letter names."

    • "While you read aloud, Amira will be listening to you read."

    • "Once you read the words on the page, click the green arrow to move on to the next page."

    • "When you are finished reading, Amira will save your reading and take care of logging you out."

  3. Considerations

    • If students are taking the Dyslexia Screener before the Benchmark assessment, they will see a series of short reading activities

    • Amira will allow students to "productively struggle" during the first minute of the grade-level passage. If students reach a frustration level during that minute, Amira will say "let's try another story," and downlevel the story for the student to the next grade level passage below

    • Students who cannot read the kindergarten level passage with sufficient "productive struggle" will be downleveled out of the passage after one minute. Amira will display a status of EARLY READER on the Tracking Report

    • Have students keep their device on and browser open for about a minute after Amira logs them out; this will enable the audio data to save

For grade-level specific assessment introductions, use the following videos:

NOTE: Depending upon the student's score, the student may be placed into the Early Reader Skills Scaffold sequence. See the Related Articles section below for more information about the Early Reader Skills Scaffold feature.

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