In order for a student to complete an assessment for each Benchmark window, the assessment needs to be manually assigned. The assessment options are configured at the school or district level.

How to Assign a Benchmark Assessment

Benchmark assessments are assigned to students within the Tracking Report.

1. From the Amira Teacher Portal, click/tap Reports


3. Select the class of choice from the drop-down, if needed

4. Click/tap student name(s) or Select All

5. Click/tap Assign [ ] Assessments

NOTE: If an assessment is accidentally assigned, the recommendation is that the student complete the assessment, and then the teacher can re-assign the assessment when ready. All of the relevant reports will refresh with the most recent assessment data.

NOTE: The staff member always has the option to make a judgement call to reassess by re-assigning an assessment. Follow the above steps to re-assign an assessment.

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