You can administer an Amira Assessment to multiple students at once. As with any assessment, the assessment environment should be relatively quiet with reduced distractions to allow students to deliver their best reading and maximize Amira’s detection of student speech.

Positioning and Distance

Position students to take advantage of a directional microphone’s ability to pick up a student’s voice from the front of the mic (the part facing the student) and reject sound (to different degrees) from other directions.

Generally, students should be seated laterally (side by side) and / or across from each other to reduce noise interference from behind the student. Efforts should be made to minimize loud noise behind a reader.

Establish at least a desk-width or longer distance between students to reduce cross-talk.

Configuration Options

The images below show some successful room configurations, but there are others that will work. Refer to the positioning and distance suggestions, above, as you consider your own configuration.




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