This article describes frequently asked rostering questions for international schools and after school programs who are not HMH Ed users.

Note: If your school or district is in the U.S. and purchased Amira through Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, see this article: How do I roster in HMH Ed? (Admin) instead.

How do I create accounts?

Amira uses CSV imports (Excel files) to roster students and create educator and administrator accounts.

How do I roster multiple schools?

Each school must submit a separate set of CSV files.

What are the different roles in Amira?

  • Student - Student uses Amira to take assessments and/or read with Amira

  • Educator / Staff - Staff can see the graphical reports dashboard for one or more classes in one school

  • Admin - Admins manage CSV exports at a school or district level. Admins are not able to view graphical reports.

    ❗Note: School-level admins can only be assigned to and access data for one school.

Can an Admin see reports and export CSVs?

Yes! Amira can create separate accounts so an admin can do both. Just add the Admin to both the Admin and Staff CSVs and let the Amira Support Team ( know when the completed CSV files are emailed.

Can an educator view reports for more than one class in a school?

Yes! Add classes, separated by commas, in the educator’s class field. Amira will enable each class so the class is visible to the educator.

Can an educator view reports across different schools in a district?

Yes! The educator will need separate accounts for each school. Add the educator’s information to each desired school’s CSV. Amira will create the accounts.

How many students can I add to a class?

Forty (40) students. Amira’s reports are optimized for classes of 40 or fewer.

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