Leaders and educators can experience Amira as a student by using test accounts. The accounts provided are not "demo" accounts. They do not have sample data in reports, are not tuned for adult speech recognition, and do not contain guidance videos or test navigation.  

Test accounts can be accessed for the following purposes:

  • Testing Amira setup prior to student usage

  • Accessing Amira “live” during training sessions

  • Ensuring that technology setup has been verified through the Amira Readiness Checklist

Considerations and Use Cases

These test user accounts have been enabled with access to the Benchmark assessment and Practice but have some limitations and features that do not exactly match the live Amira application that students will access.

  • For example, the Student Test Accounts will see an option for choosing to take a test (which the live Amira application will not present to students)

  • The assessment presented is the Benchmark only and does not contain Dyslexia Screening tasks. These tasks are configurable at the district level and will be assessed prior to the benchmark when configured.

  • The Student Test Accounts will also only get to see one Amira Practice story on grade level instead of getting the option to choose from a list of stories after leveling takes place.

  • Keep in mind that the accounts may have access to modules within Amira that your district did not purchase, so the test accounts may not allow you to access functionality that has purchased.

  • The accounts are also being used by all Amira users, so be mindful of the information displayed and recorded.

  • The Amira Guided Tour provides the full details of what students will access within Amira.

See the Amira Readiness Checklist for tasks you will want to verify prior to training or rolling out Amira.

Setup Accounts

Visit www.amiratutor.com to log on with the test accounts below.

Note: If your school or district is using HMH Ed, teachers and students will not be logging on to https://www.amiratutor.com on a regular basis. You will use that domain throughout this checklist in case you have yet to set up your own accounts in HMH Ed.

Staff User Account

·      Username: setupteacher@amira.com

·      Password: setup123

Student User Accounts

·      Grade K-     Username: SETUPstudent1     Password: setup123

·      Grade K-     Username: SETUPstudent2     Password: setup123

·      Grade K-     Username: SETUPstudent3     Password: setup123

·      Grade K-     Username: SETUPstudent4     Password: setup123

·      Grade K-     Username: SETUPstudent5     Password: setup123

·      Grade 1-     Username: SETUPstudent10     Password: setup123

·      Grade 1-     Username: SETUPstudent11     Password: setup123

·      Grade 1-     Username: SETUPstudent12    Password: setup123

·      Grade 1-     Username: SETUPstudent13    Password: setup123

·      Grade 1-     Username: SETUPstudent14    Password: setup123

·      Grade 2-     Username: SETUPstudent15     Password: setup123

·      Grade 2-     Username: SETUPstudent16     Password: setup123

·      Grade 2-     Username: SETUPstudent17    Password: setup123

·      Grade 2-     Username: SETUPstudent18    Password: setup123

·      Grade 2-     Username: SETUPstudent19    Password: setup123

·      Grade 3-     Username: SETUPstudent25     Password: setup123

·      Grade 3-     Username: SETUPstudent26     Password: setup123

·      Grade 3-     Username: SETUPstudent27    Password: setup123

·      Grade 3-     Username: SETUPstudent28    Password: setup123

·      Grade 3-     Username: SETUPstudent29    Password: setup123

Training Accounts

Visit www.amiratutor.com to log on with the test accounts below.

Note: If your school or district is using HMH Ed, teachers and students will not be logging on to https://www.amiratutor.com on a regular basis. You will use that domain throughout this checklist in case you have yet to set up your own accounts in HMH Ed.

Staff & Student User Accounts

Grade K -     

·      TEACHER Username: training.teacher1@amira.com     Password: training123          

·      STUDENT Username: TRAININGstudent1                      Password: training123

·      TEACHER Username: training.teacher2@amira.com    Password: training123          

·      STUDENT Username: TRAININGstudent2                     Password: training123

·      TEACHER Username: training.teacher3@amira.com    Password: training123          

·      STUDENT Username: TRAININGstudent3                     Password: training123

·      TEACHER Username: training.teacher4@amira.com     Password: training123          

·      STUDENT Username: TRAININGstudent4                      Password: training123

·      TEACHER Username: training.teacher5@amira.com     Password: training123          

·      STUDENT Username: TRAININGstudent5                      Password: training123

·      TEACHER Username: training.teacher6@amira.com    Password: training123          

·      STUDENT Username: TRAININGstudent6                     Password: training123

·      TEACHER Username: training.teacher7@amira.com     Password: training123          

·      STUDENT Username: TRAININGstudent7                      Password: training123

Grade 1 -     

·      TEACHER Username: training.teacher8@amira.com     Password: training123          

·      STUDENT Username: TRAININGstudent8                      Password: training123

·      TEACHER Username: training.teacher9@amira.com     Password: training123          

·      STUDENT Username: TRAININGstudent9                      Password: training123

·      TEACHER Username: training.teacher10@amira.com    Password: training123          

·      STUDENT Username: TRAININGstudent10                     Password: training123

·      TEACHER Username: training.teacher11@amira.com    Password: training123          

·      STUDENT Username: TRAININGstudent11                      Password: training123

·      TEACHER Username: training.teacher12@amira.com    Password: training123          

·      STUDENT Username: TRAININGstudent12                     Password: training123

·      TEACHER Username: training.teacher13@amira.com    Password: training123          

·      STUDENT Username: TRAININGstudent13                     Password: training123

·      TEACHER Username: training.teacher14@amira.com    Password: training123          

·      STUDENT Username: TRAININGstudent14                      Password: training123

Grade 2 -     

·      TEACHER Username: training.teacher15@amira.com    Password: training123          

·      STUDENT Username: TRAININGstudent15                     Password: training123

·      TEACHER Username: training.teacher16@amira.com      Password: training123   

·      STUDENT Username: TRAININGstudent16                      Password: training123

·      TEACHER Username: training.teacher17@amira.com    Password: training123          

·      STUDENT Username: TRAININGstudent17                     Password: training123

·      TEACHER Username: training.teacher18@amira.com    Password: training123          

·      STUDENT Username: TRAININGstudent18                     Password: training123

·      TEACHER Username: training.teacher19@amira.com    Password: training123          

·      STUDENT Username: TRAININGstudent19                     Password: training123

·      TEACHER Username: training.teacher20@amira.com   Password: training123          

·      STUDENT Username: TRAININGstudent20                    Password: training123

·      TEACHER Username: training.teacher21@amira.com    Password: training123          

·      STUDENT Username: TRAININGstudent21                     Password: training123

Grade 3 -     

·      TEACHER Username: training.teacher22@amira.com   Password: training123          

·      STUDENT Username: TRAININGstudent22                    Password: training123

·      TEACHER Username: training.teacher23@amira.com   Password: training123          

·      STUDENT Username: TRAININGstudent23                    Password: training123

·      TEACHER Username: training.teacher24@amira.com   Password: training123          

·      STUDENT Username: TRAININGstudent24                    Password: training123

·      TEACHER Username: training.teacher25@amira.com   Password: training123          

·      STUDENT Username: TRAININGstudent25                    Password: training123

·      TEACHER Username: training.teacher26@amira.com   Password: training123          

·      STUDENT Username: TRAININGstudent26                    Password: training123

·      TEACHER Username: training.teacher27@amira.com   Password: training123          

·      STUDENT Username: TRAININGstudent27                    Password: training123

·      TEACHER Username: training.teacher28@amira.com   Password: training123          

·      STUDENT Username: TRAININGstudent28                    Password: training123

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