About Amira Learning

Amira is the first artificial intelligence (AI) reading assistant that listens to, assesses, and tutors students. With Amira's capabilities, students have effective reading practice with customized, in-the-moment feedback to enhance their literacy growth.

Additionally, Amira provides teachers with producing real-time reports for the whole class and individual students. Amira saves teachers 90+ hours across the school year by automating the administration of the Benchmark Assessment, Dyslexia Screener, Practice with feedback, and Progress Monitoring.

Reading is life's most important skill, and Amira Learning's mission is to make every child a motivated and masterful reader.

STEP 1: Plan

Successful Amira schools and districts frame their use and rollout in terms of broader school or district initiatives. Many schools and districts find that Amira fits within their curriculum, assessment, and personalized learning plans. Collaboratively designing goals for Amira use with staff and students around already existing systems in place often helps users better understand what's expected of them and how Amira fits into their learning pathway. Some examples of goals for Amira may be:

  • Screen all students in K-5 for dyslexia in order to mobilize multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS)

  • Benchmark student mastery of early reading skills 3 times a year to make adjustments in professional learning plans, curriculum goals, and intervention supports

  • Increase reading achievement - as measured by the growth rates of various dimensions of reading ability (fluency, decoding, sight recognition, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, and comprehension)

  • Increase engagement and time on task as students do the act that leads to reading growth -- reading with feedback and coaching

Amira University has training pathways for teachers, administrators, and IT leaders. We encourage you to access these resources and share them broadly.

STEP 2: Log In, Set Up Accounts, and Activate Licenses

To begin Amira setup, leaders need to log in, set up the account, and activate licenses.

  1. Log In - Instructions for logging in for the first time, registering your account, and setting up roles and permissions are available at HMH Ed: Your Friend in Learning Administrator Help

  2. Register and Activate Your Account - The first time new district Ed Administrators sign in to HMH Ed, they must register and then activate their account

    1. Use the link within the HMH Access Notifications email from accessnotifications@hmhco.com to open the registration page

    2. Enter your 8-digit order confirmation number. Your Ed platform order confirmation email (a separate email) will contain the 8-digit order number you need to register for your account

    3. Register the account using the information provided in an initial email from HMH

  3. Activate licenses

    1. (1) In HMH Ed's banner, click Licenses

    2. (2) Click Connected Products

    3. (3) Locate the Amira card, and click Activate

      1. a Data Sharing Agreement dialog box appears

      2. Click the check box to confirm and click Agree. Amira is now available in Ed to your organization.

Click here for more detailed directions.

STEP 3: Roster in HMH Ed

  1. Create Classes and User Accounts (Admin) - Administrators can add users, classes, and enrollments manually or via mass import methods. Instructions on how to import rosters, add teachers, and add administrators, are available on the Ed: Your Friend in Learning Administrator Help site. By default, teachers may manually add and edit their own students and classes; however, we encourage administrators to learn more about recommended permission settings.

  2. Associate your classes with Amira (teachers) - Once Amira is activated and user accounts are set up, teachers must manually enable Amira for each of their classes in order for the teacher and students to gain access to Amira. See article How do I assign Amira to my class in HMH Ed?

We are here to support your school or district as you begin using HMH Ed and Amira together. You can access the Teacher Support area inside HMH Ed or:

  • For Live Chat support (Monday – Friday from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm ET), please use the 'Chat' icon in the bottom right-hand corner inside Amira email support@amiralearning.com.

  • For HMH Technical Support (Monday – Friday from 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM ET), call 800.323.9239 or email techsupport@hmhco.com.

  • For HMH Rostering Support (Monday – Friday from 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM ET), call 800.323.9239 or email usermaintenance-esd@hmhco.com.

☎️ Book a time to discuss rostering or technical questions for HMH Ed + Amira.

STEP 4: Determine Amira Admin Access

There are various Amira Admin permissions that allow instructional leaders to analyze data in a dashboard, extract aggregated data, mass-assign assessments, and more. The following table summarizes the available permissions and how to access them:

To learn more about each of these permissions and how to grant access, see What are the Admin tools and permissions?

Use this survey link to request an Amira Admin user account. Multiple users may request this role, and access is available at a school level or district level. Once you complete the survey, Amira will send you the login and password information. You will go to https://www.amiratutor.com/ and log in with your Amira Admin credentials.

Note: School-level Amira Admins can only be assigned to and access data for one school.

NOTE: Users are added to the Science of Reading Dashboard over the weekend. Admin Requests must be submitted by Friday at 3:00 PM (ET) to receive access to the Dashboard the following week.

STEP 5: Set up Instructional Leaders as "Team Teachers"

Instructional leaders at the building and district level charged with supporting teachers will want to view classroom-level reports. In order to grant these individuals the ability to "see" classroom level reports, they must have a "teacher" role in HMH Ed and be assigned as "team teachers" to every class.

To see the step-by-step, review How do I access teacher-level reports (HMH Ed)?

STEP 6: Configure Amira for Dyslexia Screener and Benchmark Assessment

Amira's assessment features can be customized to meet your district needs or state requirements.

  1. To learn more about how to customize Amira for your school or district, refer to How do I configure Amira?

  2. To learn more about the annual testing windows and thoughts to consider for planning, refer to How do I plan for my annual testing schedule

  3. Complete the Amira Configuration Survey to configure the tasks and administration windows for your Dyslexia Screener and Benchmark Assessment

STEP 7: Ensure Technology Readiness

At least 3 weeks before students begin using or teachers train, we recommend that the Amira Readiness Checklist is completed.

STEP 8: Communicate and Train

If you're new to launching Amira or new to technology rollouts in K-3, you may want to use a phased approach to your Amira implementation. Many schools and districts find starting with Amira Practice first, prior to assessment, eases both staff and students into the routines and procedures. Many districts, most interested in Amira for screening and benchmarking purposes, also find doing a "dress rehearsal" to establish new assessment protocols for K-3 to be helpful. Some resources for these approaches are listed below:

  1. Provide staff with an overview video of what Amira is and customize a message describing how it will benefit the students they serve

  2. Use resources from Amira to create your own training plan (webinars or this training deck), request training from your HMH representative or connect with support@amiralearning.com

  3. Create a proctoring or introductory presentation of Amira for teachers to use with their students (sample here)

  4. Send a message to families about how Amira will be used or how they can support Amira

  5. Offer virtual learning opportunities for staff by leveraging Amira sponsored webinars

  6. Use this editable letter template as a way to help update parents on how Amira will be used for Assessment

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