During the Benchmark assessment, students are first presented with a passage at their grade level. If they are unable to make sufficient progress on that passage, they may be re-leveled to another story. Students should be prepared to read the story for 4 minutes or until they complete the story - whichever comes first.

Before the Benchmark Assessment

Prior to the assessment, explain to students that:

  1. Amira will explain what to do before they begin reading

  2. They will be using their computer/iPad and headset/microphone to read aloud a story to Amira and that the story will appear appear on their screen

  3. After they say a word, the text will turn from black to gray

  4. While they read aloud, Amira will be listening to them read - they should read quickly and avoid taking long pauses (note: long pauses or distractions will negatively impact scoring)

  5. When they are ready to move on to the next page, they will click the green arrow at the bottom of the page - they should not click this arrow until they give that page their best effort

  6. When they are finished reading, Amira will explain to them that their reading is being saved and that Amira will take care of logging them out

After the Benchmark Assessment

The Benchmark assessment provides key insights and informs data found on the following reports:




Tracking Report

Track class assessment progress

Assessment statuses

Benchmark Report

Class-level information from latest benchmark assessment

Oral Reading Fluency

Reading Mastery

Sight Recognition

Phonological Awareness

Vocabulary Size

Instructional Recommendations Report

Student-level analyses including next steps for instruction

Phonological Awareness

Sight Recognition



Parent Report

Parent-friendly data displaying both practice and assessment sessions

Oral Reading Fluency

Reading Mastery

Sight Recognition

Phonological Awareness

Vocabulary Size

Learn more about the Amira metrics.

Benchmark Assessments Throughout the Year

The Benchmark assessment can be given three times a year.

Some districts may opt to include Dyslexia screening tasks during 1-3 of these assessments as well. To learn more about the Dyslexia assessment, please visit How do I get students ready for the Dyslexia Screener?

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