The Amira Dyslexia Screener is used to identify students at risk of dyslexia or other reading difficulties. The Dyslexia Screener tasks and schedule are configured at the district level.

The Dyslexia Screener consists of students reading aloud the tasks of Rapid Automatized Naming (RAN), followed by a selection of other tasks dependent on grade-level and district/school configuration. Together, the tasks produce a measure of risk (at risk, some risk, or low risk).

The default tasks by grade level are pictured below. See the configurable tasks (vocabulary, spelling, listening comprehension) in the How do I configure Amira? help article.

For each of the tasks, Amira will explain the directions including encouraging the student to try the student's best. Amira will count down at the beginning of the screener by saying Ready, Set, Start! She will then move through the configured tasks with brief directions at the start of each task.

The Dyslexia screening tasks always are followed by the oral reading fluency (ORF) passage. For the passage, Amira asks the student to read out loud as fast as the student can and to skip words the student does not know. Finally, Amira thanks the student, automatically closes the browser tab, and logs the student out.

Watch the following video to see all dyslexia screening tasks in action:

To learn more about the preparing students for the Dyslexia screening tasks, please visit How do I get students ready for the Dyslexia Screener? help article.

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