You are ready to transition Amira to the 2021-22 school year... Where do you begin?

Step 1: Plan for your rostering rollover

Think through the steps you will need to take to roster students and teachers in HMH Ed for the coming school year. For more information about the HMH Ed rollover, please refer to the HMH School Year Rollover Checklist.

International schools or after-school programs, see (📝INSERT LINK TO MAGIC ROLLOVER).

Step 2: Retain historical data from the 20-21 school year

To preserve 2020-21 data, you will want to save student data files from one of two sources:

  • Your school or district’s Dropbox folder, or

  • The Amira Admin WebApp

There are benefits and drawbacks to each approach. Learn more here:

You will want to retain Amira data before July 31, 2021, as longitudinal (historical) data for prior school years is not (yet) available in the Amira Admin WebApp.

You will not need to export data from the HMH Ed platform as the data is not available or possible at this time.

Step 3: (Optional) Extend summer usage beyond July 31

The standard Amira school year ends on July 31. However, if you plan to have students practice or assess before the next school year begins, we recommend that you extend the 20-21 school year beyond July 31.

To do this, log into as an Amira Admin and adjust the 20-21 window. This functionality will be made available in July. More information to come.

You will need to ensure that your HMH Ed rostering set up does not promote students to the next grade level on August 1.

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