The instructional and operational teams putting Amira to work in your schools need these data tools to be successful. Each teammate may need different permissions depending on the specific needs in regards to Amira.

There are two different types of administrator access.

Video explaining the different types Admin Access

Ed: Your Friend in Learning Admin Access

The person responsible for rostering uses the administrator role within HMH Ed: Your Friend in Learning. In most cases, this person will roster at the district level. Very few people need this permission.

Amira Learning Admin Access

The Amira Learning Administrator role has access to a wide variety of reports including raw data, usage data, and district dashboards. Users can be given school-level or district-level access to support a variety of users who may need frequently-updated data to inform decisions.

These are the available permissions, what they allow a person to do, and how to access them:

❗ Note: If you purchased Amira directly, or are an international school or after-school program, see this guide for rostering set up.

Roster in HMH Ed

You will need an HMH Ed Admin role to roster in the system. Refer to How do I roster in HMH Ed? to learn more.

See teacher reports

Instructional leaders like coaches, principals, and district coordinators may want to access the real-time data available in student-level reports. You will want to think through the various people who need this permission and grant them HMH Ed Team Teacher access so they can best support teachers and students.

Where to access: > Discover > Amira

Role: HMH Ed Teacher

Access a data dashboard

Instructional leaders will also want to use the dashboard to monitor growth from one testing window to the next, see weekly usage data, and analyze trends across the various metrics in the software. The impact of Amira Practice on your students' fluency growth can also be viewed from the data dashboard.

Where to access:

Role: Amira Admin (District or Single School)

Export data

There are two ways to access the "raw" data within Amira:

  • Option 1: Go to a Dropbox folder to select from two data files which are refreshed weekly:

    • USAGE - Practice usage data with individual student names and ID numbers

    • DATA - Assessment data with additional columns unavailable in the CSV extract (Option 2).

  • Option 2: Export a limited CSV of each student's most recent Benchmark and Dyslexia Screener assessment data

Where to access:

  • For Option 1 , you will be provided access to a secure Dropbox folder once you submit an Amira Admin credentials request

  • For Option 2, visit and log in with your Amira Admin credentials

Role: Amira Admin (District or Single School)

Mass-assign assessments

The Dyslexia Screener and/or Benchmark Assessment can be mass-assigned to all students in the district. Set a date range so any student who hasn't completed the Dyslexia Screener and/or Benchmark Assessment in the current testing window (📝LINK) is automatically presented with the assessment the next time the student logs in.

Where to access:

Role: Amira Admin (District)

Define benchmark cut-off points

Use this feature to set customized cut-off points that display in the Benchmark Report in addition to national percentile rankings (norms). Define "red", "yellow" and "green" thresholds for metrics such as WCPM, Lexile, and Developmental Reading Assessment.

Where to access:

Role: Amira Admin (District or Single School)

How do I get access?

  1. To get student-level reports access, set up instructional leaders as Team Teachers in the HMH ED Platform. Do this for district leaders, principals, coaches, and other instructional leaders.

  2. To request login credentials for an Amira Admin account, either:

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