Amira's assessment features can be customized to meet your district needs or state requirements. To configure the tasks and administration windows for your Dyslexia Screener and Benchmark Assessment, complete the Amira Configuration Survey.

Watch the video below for guidance or request for a walk-through at

NOTE: Please allow 7 days for your requested configuration to take effect.

How to Complete the Survey

1. First, select if you would like us to disable audio recordings.

2. Next, indicate how often you want to administer the Dyslexia Screening tasks.

For more information about our assessment windows, refer to How do I plan for my annual testing schedule?

NOTE: The Dyslexia Screener cannot yet be turned on for certain grades and off for others at the same time.

3. Decide if you'll use the default tasks or if you want to add or remove tasks.

All screening tasks inform the composite Dyslexia Report risk score. To see a video of each task and learn about how the screening tasks are scored, refer to What are the components of the Dyslexia Screener?

All other reports (Benchmark, Diagnostic, Parent, and Progress) are informed by the software's ability to listen and observe the student reading. We call this the Benchmark Assessment. To see a video of the Benchmark and learn about the data it informs, refer to What are the components of the Benchmark Assessment?

Screening Tasks (RAN, Letter Names / Sounds, Word Reading, Blending) come as a bundle; the tasks may be configured on or off but not piecemeal. In K-1, we always include one or the other, but you can decide whether to have either Letter Naming or Letter Sounds.

We recommend the default screening tasks because the default screener is the digital implementation of the Texas Primary Reading Inventory (TPRI), which is known for its high degree of reliability and validity.

3a. - 3e. Customize your district's tasks by grade level.

If you select "No" to question 3, follow the prompts to configure additional tasks on or off.

4. Select Diagnostic Report Integrations.

If you have access to the HMH Into Reading product, select Yes so that teachers can access links to the Into Reading resources in the Instructional Recommendations Report. You can also add the TPRI (Texas Primary Reading Inventory) resources.

NOTE: The assessment is configurable by district and/or school account. If you are a teacher and would like to change your configuration, please contact your district or school administrator.

NOTE: The survey will need to be completed again for any updates or changes to your district's configuration.

Other Features

To take full advantage of Amira’s capabilities, your team may also consider other features:

  1. If you would like to enable Progress Monitoring, speak with your Customer Success Lead or email after your Benchmark Assessment window closes.

  2. Amira with Spanish-language supports and directions is available for students learning English.

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