How does Amira help during Practice?

During Practice sessions, Amira constantly adjusts both the kind of interventions provided and the timing prior to intervention. Amira adjusts based on the type and frequency of student errors. In general, Amira follows the best practice of allowing 3+ seconds for productive struggle. The mean time before Amira jumps in is approximately 6 seconds. This personalized tutoring is a key component of the Amira Practice model, minimizing student frustration and maximizing motivation.

Amira delivers personalized help to readers -- the right intervention on the right word at the right time. These are called micro-interventions. As a student reads, Amira provides just enough support to encourage “productive struggle.”

Amira's Micro-Intervention Gallery

Micro-Interventions in Action

Want to see some micro-interventions in action? Check out this playlist for a sampling of the Amira interventions.

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