How many minutes should students practice with Amira?

The Carnegie Melon University's Project Listen research on Amira suggests that students will significantly accelerate their reading growth by practicing with Amira for 30-60 minutes total per week. This amounts to about 2-3 sessions per week.

When should students use Amira?

We recommend using Amira for guided reading practice ("we do"), which can happen in a rotational model or whole class model where students are reading with Amira for about 10-15 minutes. The goal is to get students reading productively -- with the right level text with the right help at the right time.

What is the research supporting this instructional model?

Dr. Jan Hasbrouck underscores the importance of fluency practice in her research on early literacy. When a student reads with Amira, the student is able to practice the skills the teacher has modeled with an ever patient guide (Amira) providing scaffolded feedback throughout this guided practice.

Source: The Science of Reading: An Overview (by Dr. Jan Hasbrouck)

What if I want students to read every day?

If you want to have students read with Amira every day, we suggest about 1-3 stories per day. On average, stories take 4-7 minutes to complete; however, story lengths and student speeds will vary. Families, teachers, and students can monitor if 2 stories per day yield about 30-60 minutes per week (our dosage recommendation) and adapt expectations accordingly.

Other considerations

As students complete stories, Amira will level the following stories presented to match performance. Students must read the entire story in order for the system to save and leveling to occur. Due to this, we recommend that teachers and students aim for a set number of stories (rather than amount of time) each time a child logs in.

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