Use the Parent Report to share parent-friendly updates about student's progress on different reading metrics from their most recent assessment, as well as actionable tips for parents to use at home.

The Parent Report can be used to enable productive conversations between teachers and families in order to build a tighter connection between the student's work at home and in the classroom.

Accessing the Parent Report

  1. From the Teacher Portal, click Reports in the upper right section of the screen


  3. Choose student of choice from the menu

Long list? Type the first few letters of a student's first or last name to quickly find a student.

NOTE: If your class has multiple grades, Amira defaults to Grade 1 national benchmarks the first time you log in. Change the value in the Benchmarks field to match the grade of students you are viewing. Amira remembers the last grade you chose when you next log in. Learn how to change the view below.

Using the Parent Report

The Parent Report is a snapshot of the status of a student at a moment in time. The report displays the most current assessment metrics to share with parents and provides actionable reading tips parents can use at home with students to help them build fundamental reading skills.

Changing the Metrics and Scales

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For more detailed information about the metrics that Amira uses to assess students, see Metrics.

Printing the Parent Report

  1. Right click or open the browser's print option

  2. Adjust system print options as needed

  3. Click Print

Save the Parent Report as a PDF

  1. Right click or open the browser's print option

  2. Select PDF in the printer or destination field

  3. Click Save

  4. Adjust PDF options, like layout, as needed

  5. Choose a location where you want the PDF to be saved

  6. Click Save again

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