The Progress Report displays each individual student's performance over time across assessments and practice sessions along with a projection of expected performance tied to key metrics. The Progress Report can be used to analyze a student's reading behaviors across multiple practice or assessment sessions, track growth, and set goals.

If you are interested in training or self-paced learning resources for the Progress Report, refer to the Progress Report slide deck presentation and/or video (10 min).

Where to Locate the Progress Report

  1. From the Teacher Portal, click Reports


  3. Select class of choice from the drop-down menu (if needed)

  4. Select student of choice from the drop-down menu

    1. NOTE: Type the first few letters of a student's first or last name to narrow the student dropdown menu choices

Analyze Student Data

Score Configuration

Use the Score Configuration sidebar to change the display for different metrics, score types, scales, and benchmarking norms.

When a score configuration option from the sidebar is changed, the y-axis will update the Predicted Ability (blue line), the latest score information, and the display of the data. For more information regarding the Score Configuration options, visit the What are the metrics in Amira reports? article.


Each dot on the graph represents one activity along with the corresponding score. Student performance can be tracked by paying careful attention to which dots represent an assessment (controlled and timed) and Practice/Tutor (fluid and flexible).

White Round Dots - Early Reader Practice (Echo Reading- Amira reads first and then the student repeats)

White Triangles - Typical Reading Practice

Blue Diamonds - Assessment (Benchmark)

Purple Squares - Progress Monitoring

The graph is interactive based upon the action taken.

  • Hover over a dot to display additional information about a specific reading session

  • Click on a dot to be directed to the Scoring Reading Activity

Latest Score

A student's most recent score is displayed above the chart. This score can be used to compare to the Predicted Ability and prior performance. This may be a good discussion point for goal-setting with the student.

Predicted Ability

Amira generates a Predicted Ability forecast below the chart to project end-of-year performance. The more data points there are, the more accurate the prediction.

Percentile Rank

The percentile ranks are based on national norms, as displayed in the benchmark section of the Score Configuration sidebar. For more information on the source of the percentile ranks, visit the What are the metrics in Amira reports? article.

Activity Details Table

Below the progress graph is a table listing all activities the student has completed within the current school year, ordered from most recent to least recent. Use the Score Configuration options in the sidebar to update the metric and scale displayed in the table. Additionally, click on an Activity Type (Assessment, Tutor, or Progress Monitor) to open the Scoring Activity screen to listen to and/or rescore a student's reading.)

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