The Tracking Report can be used to assign assessments including the Benchmark, Dyslexia Screener, and Progress Monitoring assessments. These assessment options are configured at the school or district level.

The Tracking Report is like a proctoring report. It can be used to monitor assessments as they are completed and re-assign an assessment if needed. Here's a quick video walking you through how to assign an assessment:

How to Assign Assessments

By default (without assigning an assessment), the student experience is in Practice mode. In order for a student to complete Benchmark assessment, Dyslexia Screener, or Progress Monitoring passage, the assessment needs to be manually assigned.

NOTE: The entire screener/assessment is administered in one session depending on your school or district's configuration. In other words, if the dyslexia screening items are enabled, then the assessment will begin with these dyslexia screening items then continue into the Benchmark -- a passage that students read out loud.

1. From the Teacher Portal, click Reports


3. Select class of choice from the drop-down (as needed)

4. Click student name(s) or Select All

5. Click Assign [ ] assessments

NOTE: Once you have assigned an assessment, it is not possible (at this time) to un-assign it. We have this feature on our roadmap.

Assessment Status

  • ASSIGNED - Student has been assigned an assessment (Benchmark, Dyslexia Screener, or Progress Monitoring) to be available at the student's next login.

  • COMPLETED - Completed assessments display the most recent score (WCPM) and assessment date.

  • EARLY READER - Student was unable to complete the kindergarten passage; may not have a score on the Tracking Report because there was not enough data produced from the reading. Upon next login, the student will enter Practice mode and read through the Early Reader Skills Scaffold.

  • IN PROGRESS – Student is currently reading or an assessment

  • INCOMPLETE - An assessment was started but was not finished. The teacher needs to remind the student to log back into Amira to finish the assessment. Make sure that the student's device and browser remains open about 1 minute after the assessment finishes.

  • RESCORED – A completed assessment that has been rescored by the teacher in the Scoring Screen. Note that the date in the Tracking Report will reflect the date the assessment is rescored.

  • REASSESS - The student assessment was completed, but there was an issue which led to an invalid score. The teacher should click on the student's name and re-assign this assessment in order for the student to take the assessment at the next login.

  • SCORING - Assessment has been saved and is in the scoring process which can can take 15 - 30 minutes; if the status of SCORING is displayed for more than 24 hours, Chat with us or contact Amira support at with the district, school, teacher, class, and student information.

  • UNASSESSED - Student has no assessments completed; no action needed from the teacher. The student is not currently assigned an assessment and will receive Practice upon the next login.

  • UNDER REVIEW - Assessment session has been flagged for review. This status will change to "rescored" or "reassess" once reviewed; the review process can take up 72 hours.

Tracking Report Features to Track Student Assessments

  • Assign Benchmark, Dyslexia Screener, and/or Progress Monitoring

  • Listing of students by class

  • Student Name, Score, and Assessment Status

    • Date shows the date the assessment was scored or rescored (as applicable)

    • Score refers to the outcome of the Benchmark (not the Dyslexia screener)

  • Metric choices

    • Oral Reading Fluency (ORF)

    • Sight Word Recognition

    • Phonological Awareness

    • Vocabulary Size

  • Scale choices

    • Words Correct Per Minute (WCPM)

    • Lexile

    • Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA)

  • Assessment Status

NOTE: The metric and scale choices on the left side of the screen enable teachers to filter the data. Changing these metrics or scales does not impact the assessment items assigned.

If Progress Monitoring is Enabled

When a student is "assigned" an Amira assessment, the system follows these guidelines to determine which assessment to administer:

  1. Students will first be presented the Benchmark and/or Dyslexia Screener for the first assessment assigned in each new testing window (Fall/BOY, Winter/MOY, Spring/EOY).

  2. After students have completed the first Benchmark within a testing window, any new assignment from the teacher will result in students receiving a Progress Monitoring passage.

  3. The system will continue to present each assigned student a new Progress Monitoring passage at whichever interval a teacher deems appropriate, moving students through the library of Progress Monitoring passages available.

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