This article will walk you through the different ways you can use the Tracking Report to assign assessments, monitor assessment completion status, and designate students as Early Readers or bilingual (Spanish).

How do I assign an assessment?

By default, the student experience is in Practice mode. The assessment and/or Dyslexia screener needs to be manually assigned.

1. From the Teacher Portal, click Reports


3. Select class of choice from the drop-down (as needed)

4. Click individual student name(s) or Select All

5. Click Assign [ ] assessments

How do I check a student's assessment status?

Here's a list of the statuses you may see and what to do.


What it means

What to do next

Student has been assigned an assessment (Benchmark, Dyslexia Screener, or Progress Monitoring) to be given at the student's next login.

Log the student in. Give them enough time to complete the assessment in one sitting (about 8-12 minutes).

Student has completed the assessment.

Check the Benchmark and Dyslexia reports for scores.

Student has completed the assessment. Student was unable to complete the Kindergarten passage.

Instruct the student to log in to enter into the Early Reader Skills Scaffold.


Student is currently taking an assessment.

Make sure that the student's device and browser tab remains open until Amira says "good job" and logs them out.


Student completed the assessment, however it is in the process of scoring, which can can take up to 72 hours.

Check the status in the Tracking Report in 72 hours.


Student started an assessment but did not complete it.

Have the student log back in to finish the assessment. Make sure that the student's device and browser tab remains open until Amira says "good job" and logs them out.

Student completed the assessment, however it has been flagged for manual review. This status will change to either "Complete" or "Reassess" within 72 business hours.

Student completed the assessment, but there was an issue which led to an invalid score.

Click on the student's name and re-assign the assessment. Instruct the student to log in to take the assessment.

Student has not been assigned an assessment in the current testing window. The student will be in practice mode the next time they log in.

No action required. If you want to assign an assessment, click on the student's name and click the Assign button at the bottom of the screen.

How do I designate a student as Early Reader and/or Bilingual (Spanish)?

Simply navigate to the Tracking Report, select the three-horizontal dots next to the student's name, and select Early Reader or Bilingual. The student settings box will disappear when you make your selection. A checkmark will show next to the status when designated.

You can also remove a student from Early Reader, or Bilingual status following the same process. Just remove the checkmark.

Please note: There is currently no early reader skills scaffold for Spanish practice.


  • Assign assessments at least 1 day before administering them to make sure the assignments propagate.

  • The entire screener/assessment is administered in one session. In other words, if the dyslexia screening items are enabled, then the assessment will begin with the dyslexia screening items then continue into the passage that students read out loud.

  • If the status of SCORING is displayed for more than 24 hours, chat with us or contact Amira support at with the district, school, teacher, class, and student information.

  • The "Last Activity Date" column tells you when the student got their current status. For example, in the screenshot below you can see Stone, Rickey has a status of Complete and the Last Activity Date column tells us Rickey completed that activity on 12/16/21.

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