If a student is unable to log in, check the student's username and password. Student usernames and passwords can vary according to your school/district's Amira setup. Your district/school roster lead has all student login information.Connect with them about your student logins, if needed.

HMH Log in

If your school/district uses HMH for rostering, refer to this article for assistance: How do I log in as a student (HMH/Ed)? in which the directions are also noted below:

1. Log in to HMH Ed

2. Click/tap the Dashboard tab (should be the default page that shows up first)

3. Scroll down and click/tap the Amira tile in the Connected Programs

Non-HMH Log In

If not using HMH Ed follow these instructions:

  1. Start from an Amira support device (Mac, PC, Chromebook, iPad) and browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge). iPads must use Safari

  2. Open https://www.amiratutor.com/

  3. Enter the student user name and password

  4. Press Enter or click/tap Sign In

Next Steps

If you see an incorrect user name or password message at the top of the log in screen, try the steps below:

  • Ensure caps lock is turned off on the device

  • Verify there are no spaces before or after the user name and password, check the spelling of both, and enter again

NOTE: If you have tried all of the above and are still unable to log in, you can email us at support@amiralearning.com or initiate a chat session with us at the support site or this article (bottom right hand corner of page)

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